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Escape to nature in style with earth first
cabins, your eco luxe holiday partner.

Welcome to
earth first cabins.

At earth first cabins we are dedicated to designing and building eco-friendly cabins that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature comfortably and sustainably, and our cabins are designed to do just that.

Experience the beauty
of nature comfortably &

Our cabins are designed to provide BALANCE, enjoying your time living in nature, without harming the environment.

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Sustainable Materials

Materials that are durable and environmentally friendly. Locally sourced natural construction materials such as wood & wool insulation- Where possible, they are cradle-to-cradle certified. earth first cabins are built to last, minimising environmental impact.


Renewable Energy Technologies

Our cabins are powered by Solar PV modules technologies & other
renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power which are
clean and emission- free.

The outcome? Reduced energy costs for customers & reduced environmental impact.

What makes us unique?


Designed to be comfortable
& functional

Relax in nature
Equipped with modern amenities

Energy Effecient
No need to worry about high energy bills

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Often unsustainable materials - synthetics & plastics


Less energy effcient & durable

Often powered by non-renewable energy sources - fossil fuels

Contributing to climate change & air pollution

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